Option 1: Collect testimonials with your Collection Form

There are 4 ways to collect text and video testimonials.

Every account gets a unique collection form that you can share to your customers to collect testimonials.

The link to your Collection Form is as shown below. Copy the link to the form and share it on social media or in email or embed the form on the website.

You have 2 distinct forms that you can use.

Form 1 is to collect Video/Text testimonials directly into SocialPRF

Form 2 is to direct users to 3rd party sites like Google/Facebook/Trustpilot etc to collect reviews there.

When users click the link to the form, they will be taken to a landing page.

The landing page to the Form will look something like the image below. Your clients who click through the link will then land in the form to leave you a text or video testimonial.

You can decide what information you want to collect in your form. It is simple to edit and customize your landing page and Collection Form. You can change everything from the brand colors, fields to be collected and the text to be displayed. The below image shows the link to edit the form.

You will then be taken to the edit page of the form. Here you can decide what information to collection, what message to display and even choose the color of the elements. You can also click the 'copy code' option to get the embeddable code to embed the form on the website.

The testimonial collection form is currently hosted in SocialPrf domain. If you would like to host the form in your own website, follow the instructions in the below link

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