Option 2: Import your existing testimonials from 3rd party sites

Let us say, you already have reviews in 3rd part sites like

  1. Google My business

  2. Facebook

  3. Trustpilot

  4. G2

  5. Capterra

  6. Twitter

  7. Product Hunt

You can import testimonials you've already collected there. The link to import testimonials is under the 'collect' menu option as shown below.

There are 2 options available under this.

  1. Manual Import

  2. Automatic Import

You can automatically import testimonials from a variety of sources.

Manual Imports

If you want to manually import testimonials from your external websites, then you can click the 'Manual' option and choose from one of the many options available to you. Once you submit your request, the reviews will get imported into socialprf. You can them choose which reviews need to be displayed on the widgets. If there is a source you want to import from but is not listed below, please reach out to us, we are constantly on the lookout for adding more sources

For example, using this option you can import your latest Google Reviews into socialprf in a few clicks.

Automatic Imports

On the other hand if you would like to automate the process of importing testimonials as and when they arrive in 3rd party sites, then you can use the 'Automatic' option. This would allow you setup the automation, through which socialprf will monitor for new reviews arriving in your external website and they will be imported automatically.

This is particularly useful if you want to setup the testimonial import process in auto-pilot.

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