Adding Tags To Testimonials

Your all-in-one guide to tagging in SocialPRF and how to use them to segment testimonials

Testimonial tags are a great way to organize your reviews into meaningful groups, in order to display them in the right place, at the right time.

Creating Tags

There are two wasys to create a new tag

  • Go to the 'Collect' section and select any existing testimonial. You will them see a sidebar as shown below

Then click the 'create new tag' button, give a name for the tag and click save. Your new tag is now created and assigned to this testimonial.

  • The second way of creating tags is by navigating to the 'Tags' section in your account.

Here you will see all the tags you have created. And you can perform the below actions against the tags

  1. Create New Tag

  2. Create Rules for Automatic Tagging

  3. Edit Tags

  4. Delete Tags

This is very much useful when you want to assign a particular tag to multiple products based on certain rules. All testimonials that satisfy the rule will be assigned the tag.

Next, we will see how to remove/ add testimonial tags to testimonials.

Once you've set up tags, you can add them to testimonials in two ways:

1) Manually, on the testimonials sidebar

When you select a testimonial, you will see a sidebar with the list of available tags. You can easily select/ unselect a tag to quickly assign a tag to a testimonial.

2) Automatically, at the time of testimonial import

When a testimonial is added by you manually or imported, you have the option of selecting the tag to assign to the testimonial.

Creating widgets grouped by tags

Once you have a range of tagged testimonials, you can automatically create widgets that will group together those reviews.

To learn more about creating widgets to display testimonials read here

pageDisplaying Testimonials


Creating tags is quick and easy. You can add as many tags as you like to each testimonial in a few clicks.

The use cases of tags are practically endless!

If you need any help setting up, reach out to us at

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