Embed Collection Forms Widget

The collection form that you created will have the SocialPRF branding and will start with app.socialprf..

Read more about collection forms creation here

pageOption 1: Collect testimonials with your Collection Form

If you want to display the forms under your own branding, then you can embed a testimonial collecting widget to your own website.

How to integrate?

  1. First head to the SocialPrf account and click "Forms" on the sidebar.

2. Click the 'Edit' icon against the form you want to embed on your website.

If you want to embed a form to collect Text/ Video testimonials inside socialprf, select form 1. If you want to direct users to 3rd party sites like Trustpilot/ G2 etc then select form 2.

You will then be taken to the form designer where you can customize the form as per your needs.

Click the 'Copy Code' button at the top of your screen. The embed code will now copy to your clipboard.

3. Now head to your website, paste in the embed code you copied.

Now, copy the URL of the page where you pasted this code and go back to the forms section.

Click the edit icon against the custom domains option. You will then see a popup as you see in the image below

Paste the full URL of the page and click save.

You are now ready to collect testimonials through your website.

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