Import Reviews From Google

You can very easily import your Google My Business Reviews in a few clicks.

Firstly, head to the 'Collections' section of your account and click 'Select Source'

Click the "Continue with Google" button, sign in an grant the permission to socialprf.

Then click on the Google Icon if you want to import google reviews.

Step 1: Sign in to your Google account

Click the "Login to Google" button, sign in and grant the permission to SocialPrf.

Step 2: Select your account

Simply choose the account for which you'd like to import reviews.

Step 3: Select location

Pick the location for which you'd like to import reviews.

Finishing up

Once you're happy simply click 'Start Import' and the reviews will be automatically imported into your account. You will receive an email notification when the reviews have been imported.

From now on, whenever you receive a new review, you will be notified automatically.

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