Testimonial Widgets

Widgets are used to display testimonials collected by SocialPrf on your website. This guide talks you through how to set up your first one.

Begin by heading to the Widgets section of your account.

The click the 'New' button to create a new widget

Then you will see a popup where you need to provide the Widget - a name and also select the tag of testimonials you want to display in the widget.

To learn more about how to create tags - read the link below

pageAdding Tags To Testimonials

On clicking next you will be taken to the widget designer page

Here you can customize your widget as per your preference and in line with your brand guidelines.

You can choose from one of the 9 pre-built designs.

You can further select the color, strength of color, text colot, color of hover and border radius (curvature)

Once you are happy with the design, select 'Create Widget and Copy Code' button.

This will create widget and also generate the code that you can copy in your own webpage.

Now paste the embed code into your website exactly where you want the widget to appear.

Head over to your website, refresh the page and as long as you have testimonials in the tag, the widget will display.

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