Managing Testimonials

SocialPrf makes it incredibly easy to manage all your testimonials in one place

Your testimonials are no longer scattered across sites, emails, whatsapp messages etc. You can find the testimonial easily in just a few clicks.

Search and Filter Testimonials

If you end up getting a lot of testimonials, then finding a specific testimonial can be a challenge. You can use one of the search or filter functions to find a testimonial.

Once you navigate to the 'Collect' section of your account. You can find the search bar at the top. Type any name of the customer to find the specific testimonial.

Please do keep in mind that the search is Case sensitive

You can also further narrow down your search by using one of the many filters. For example, you can filter by Testimonial Type, Tags or Testimonial Status.

You can also filter and see only the testimonials that have been published to the 'Public Wall of Love'

To learn more about the Wall of Love, click below

pagePublic Wall of Love

Assign Tags to Testimonials

Want to group testimonials by theme, product, or a specific section on your site where you want to display them? Add tags your testimonials by clicking the tags icon. Tags are also used to create widgets

To assign a tag to a testimonial, click a testimonial and you will see a sidebar open with testimonial details.

Learn more on widgets by clicking the link below

pageTestimonial Widgets

Publish Testimonials to a Public Wall

Every SocialPRF account comes with one public wall of love. Select your best testimonials, and easily publish them to your wall of love in one click.

Learn more about the Public Wall of Love below

pagePublic Wall of Love

Create Images From Testimonials

You can create beautiful images from your testimonials and use them for your marketing activities. For example, you can share them on social media or use them for ads etc.

Learn more about creating and editing images using socialprf below

pageCreate Testimonial Images

Reply to Testimonial

It is a good practice to respond to every testimonial that you receive. Responding to positive testimonials increases brand loyalty.

And responding to negative testimonials is necessary to mitigate bad publicity. SocialPRF allows you to respond to testimonials easily from within your account.

Learn more about the various ways to respond to testimonials below

pageReply/Respond To a Testimonial

Delete a Testimonial

As you start importing and adding testimonials, you might find the list to have grown significantly. You might want to clean up your list and remove the less important testimonials.

Or there could be unanswered testimonial requests that you want to remove. In such scenarios, deleting a testimonial will be helpful. Please remember that this action will delete the testimonial and there is no way to recover it, so please use it with caution.

Edit a Testimonial

At times, you might want to edit the text of a testimonial. So the edit option will be available for all 'Text' testimonials that either you added yourself or those that were submitted by your clients directly to socialprf.

Edit is not available for those testimonials imported from 3rd party sites.

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