Request for Testimonial through email

To request a testimonial over email, go to 'Collect' section and click 'Send new request'.

Once you click that, you will see a popup where you can provide the details of your customer.

Here you need to enter the customer details. You also have the option of choosing the delivery mode. If you want to send a email request, select email.

You will then be prompted to enter the email of your customer.

You can also optionally enter a personalized message to your customer. This message will be sent to your customer over email. This message will also be displayed to your customer when they click the link to record the testimonial.

If you leave this empty a default message will be sent to your customer requesting for a testimonial. However, the more personalized you make the request, the better the chances of getting a testimonial

Your customers will get an email as shown below

By default the sending email is ''. However, if you would like to provide a fully branded experience and want to send emails in your own domain, please refer the below link for steps.

Custom Email Domain

As you can see in the email, there is a message requesting the user for a testimonial. You can customize this request message when you request for the testimonial.

On clicking the 'Submit Testimonial' button, the user will be taken to the landing page where they can record their testimonial. The landing page will look like the below image.

You can customize the look and feel of this landing page in line with your brand. To read more about how to customize, refer the link below

Host the Public Wall of Love in your own domain

Once the user records their testimonial, you will receive an email notifying about the new testimonial.

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