Custom Forms

Let us walk you through the process of designing and implementing custom forms for collecting feedback. This feature will enable you to gather any kind of data from your customer.

1. Designing Custom Forms

Social proof customers now have the ability to design their own custom forms, providing an easy and efficient way for users to leave feedback. The AI technology incorporated into our platform will examine the form fields and create an appealing, user-friendly design that encourages user engagement.

2. Sending Survey Requests via Email

To reach a broader audience and ensure maximum response rates, you can also send survey requests through email. This feature allows you to engage users who might not have had the chance to submit their feedback through the custom form on your website.

3. Future Implementations: AI-Generated Graphs and Reports

Going forward, we plan to enhance our platform by utilizing AI technology to generate graphs and comprehensive reports. This will enable you to visualize user feedback data more efficiently, providing insights into patterns or trends, and allowing you to make well-informed decisions for improving your products or services.

With these features, Social proof customers can harness the power of user feedback and make continuous improvements based on the data collected. Stay tuned for updates on our AI-driven graphs and reports functionality, which will push user feedback analysis to the next level.

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